Our Mission

Penguin Perry's seeks to accomplish two goals: To bring people together with mouth-watering ice cream sandwiches and contribute to the community. Because when it is all said and done, when the truck closes for the night, the company cares about the people first and foremost.

About the Owner

Travis Perry, owner of Penguin Perry's, was bit by the travel bug since he was young. Traveling all over the world experiencing different cultures and foods is something he enjoys doing. Something he has fallen in love with is different types of sweets around the world. From Gelato in Italy to Creme Brule & Crepes in Paris, Peach Cobbler in Atlanta to Blue Bell Ice Cream in Texas, he has never turned down the opportunity to try something new. With the joys of traveling and meeting people, a food truck was right down his ally. Travis and his staff aim to travel all over the south, meeting people from different cultures, locations, religion & gender because we cannot deny that everyone loves a good old fashion ice cream sandwich. But if you are located in North Texas, you are in luck! As wonderful as traveling sounds, there is no place like home. Penguin Perry's partners with local schools and clubs for fundraising events to raise money for their organization. Something Travis and his staff have a yearning for is to help cancer organizations of all kinds. Their families have been affected by this disease time and time again and won't rest until they've found a way to contribute to the cause. Located on the trailer is a Pink Ribbon in honor of his Grandmother who beat Breast Cancer and both of his parents who have both beaten Thyroid Cancer along with an Orange Band in honor of a personal friend of Travis' #SCHUNZELSTRONG